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Zwartlicht XR & Visuals!

Our sister company Lichtstorm, specialized in AR and VR solutions for various industries, is now part of Zwartlicht XR & Visuals. A trusted name in the field of visualization.

Why? Because the field of visualization is rapidly innovating and moving towards immersive, interactive and real-time experiences. Think of your digital presence in an online Metaverse where you can experience, collaborate and learn. A new hype? Maybe, but eventually it will get there.

As Zwartlicht we participate in these developments. With over more than 15 years of experience with VR and recently AR and MR, now is the time to combine and apply this knowledge with our 3D modeling and visualization expertise. In short, Zwartlicht XR & Visuals!

When? Behind the scenes we’ve already implemented our new vision. More about this soon on our new site. Or sooner if we may invite you for coffee and a demo!